Emanating Fist Electronics


Introducing the Emanating Fist Electronics ~ DP-01. High quality fuzz tones presented in a compact and contemporary format.

Potentiometers feature a conductive polymer track rather than the traditional carbon track for increased performance and lifespan. Our footswitches and audio jacks both feature gold plated contacts for optimal signal transference. The LED's fitted are low drain high brightness types with a wide and easy to see viewing angle. The control surface is functional with bold position markers and flush surface mounting control knobs. Circuit board population features capacitors with a polyester film construction, 1W carbon film resistors and gain selected epitaxial planner silicon transistors. Offering vintage styled tones but with higher modern day specification thus delivering a superb signal to noise ratio. The EFE Particle Series pedals are primarily designed for use on a pedal board so power is supplied via an external 9 volt dc supply only (not included) There is no facility for a battery inside the DP-01 or any of the Particle Series EFE pedals. The DP-01 is currently available in three differing circuit configurations.

'77 The standard.

The '77 circuit is the original Dope Priest configuration, the standard if you will, the continuation of the 2005 D*A*M white box Ram Head. The midrange presence is strong and clear with a tight low end and outstanding projection in the upper registers. Unlike the previously mentioned DP-01 circuit types the tone control of the '77 delivers boosted and increased midrange content as it is swung from full bass to high treble. The fuzz tone is articulate and dynamic with a fast crunchy attack. The gain levels are ample and intense but not excessive or overly saturated. The '77 circuit is assembled with gain selected BC549C silicon transistors and features a high brightness green LED lens.