Emanating Fist Electronics


From D*A*M's side door here we have for you a limited run Emanating Fists Electronics 'Black Russian' tuned Dope Priest in textured black and yellow and with BC547B's under the hood. These bad boys are killah and ready to ship!
Here's a little about it; The Return of the Fist

Shi-Saw! Emanating Fist Electronics part II. The electron charged knuckle duster. Slap, slap, slap, all up in yo' face. Bigger, badder, bolder and with style too. This shits gonna pimp slap your sorry ass into a fuzzy coma.

Take 3. D*A*M Ram Head -> EFE XB-70 -> EFE Dope Priest. Same shit just a little more refined with an air of maturity, if the Ram Head was a bottle of Jim Beam the Priest is a bottle of Wild Turkey. As with the XB-70 the core circuit influence here is my slowly decaying 1977 Guild Foxey Lady though this time the circuit blue print is tailored to my own ears and tastes rather than just replication. I've taken some influence from V3 Sovteks and the Triangle Muffs, basically lowered background noise, tighter projection and greater ability to cut through dense frequencies. It ain't no reinvention of the wheel just the delivery of sounds that I dig in regards to this circuit type presented in way that appeals to me more than our past incarnations.

1970 rollin' in sight

The point with the EFE trip is to make bad ass pedals, both visually and sonically, that are produced at a steady rate and that don't cost the earth. Something you ain't scared to kick across a beer soaked stage that will perform equally as well in the studio. The build style is a no nonsense approach. 1970's EH/Colorsound vibe all the way. Point A to B as cleanly as possible. No fucking around. Money spent where it's really necessary, and not when it ain't. The selected components do their jobs and do them well. No snake oil, no bullshit myth. You create your own magic and myths with the music you make with these tools.