ECHOPARK F3 Chronic Fuzz

Influenced by several iconic circuits made popular threw the mid 1960's..
The first stage of the F3 Chronic is a silicon based Fuzz circuit tuned and designed to satisfy the purely devoted vintage fuzz freak, the seeker of new sonic territories and the knowing tonesmith's alike.!!

In designing these units, I added a second set of 'glass' clipping diodes to this stage of unit as well as selector toggle to switch between the first and second set for an endless palate of vintage fuzz textures and tones..

The second stage of the F3 is the Boost.By itself its enough to light up the first stage of any amp on the planet with full, big open Natural harmonic drive that is derived from a single transistor and tuned to specific frequencies thus enhancing the dynamic range beyond the standard tape echo boost circuit or any J-fet op-amp based pre amp on the market.

You can independently engage each side of the and certainly combine them.. just warn the good people !!

This is no clone of any kind!!

These F-3 unit work best as first in line or before any boosting as it also serves as a buffer when either side engaged.

Featuring :

  • True bypass switching. 
  • LED indicator 
  • Operated by a single 9 Volt battery.
  • Adapter not included.

Addicted artists include:

  • Troy Van Leeuwen 
  • David Catching 
  • Joe Perry 
  • Daren Bennett 
  • Azhar Naim Kamal 
  • Mason Stoops
  • Dean Fertita