Dwarfcraft Devices


Gears is many things, an overdrive, sub octave generator, and resonantfilter with expression pedal input. What it means for the player is adevice that allows you to emulate many familiar synth sounds, as wellas create brand new ones.

The overdrive is a fixed sound that can be mixed from silent to LOUD.This signal is fed into a clock divider, which puts out a Square wave(or two) we can mix into the output. This audio travels on to theaggressive filter section. There's also a drive control allowing youto play nice with the filter, or just slam audio up against it. Thefilter also sneaks into self oscillation, for a little bit of extranoise, if you so desire.

The expression pedal input allows foot control over the "Freq" knob,and is the most magic trick in this new box. Electronic "wubs"familiar "wahs" and plenty of other new sounds are effortlessly dialedin and modulated with your foot.
NOTE: Pairs best with a 50k pot value in an expression pedal

  • Power Requirement = 50mA
  • Enclosure Size = 4.67" x 3.68" x 1.18"