Dwarfcraft Devices

DWARFCRAFT DEVICES Attack Release Filter

ARF stands for Attack, Release, Filter. This is pedalcomes filled with good synthy goodness! The Attack/Release envelope'srange is determined by the knobs on the face, while the activation ofthe envelop and the duration of the sustained peak are controlled by afoot switch or CV gate signal.

This means much greater control than typical "envelope follower" stylefilter pedals, which have a habit of triggering at the wrong times.The envelope boasts an absurd range, from "click-and-it's-over" tomulti-measure swells and drops. It can also be sent out of the pedalfor integration with other CV compatible gear.

The envelope is wired directly to the filter, an aggressivelow pass type filter with enough "extra" on the resonance to get someself oscillation. The filter cutoff can also be controlled via CVinput. The filter can be over-driven via the "drive" knob for afamiliar stomp box sound.There are even a few settings that can create pitch shifting glitch effects!

Power Requirement = 10mA
Enclosure size =5 5/8" x 4 5/8" x 1 9/16"