Dr. Scientist

DR. SCIENTIST Mini-Reverberator

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First and Foremost, the Mini-berator is everything that you know and love about the Reverberator. They have all the same top notch sounds and features and controls, they're built with all the same top notch components and hardware, and they still have a top notch finish designed by the lovely and talented Mrs. Scientist, Tanya. What they don't have is a hand-vinyled finish like the ones of the previous and now discontinued version, or a long lead time like those very same models. (They don't have a battery either, but hey, who wants to pop a new one of those in every 30 minutes anyway?)

Second and Secondmost, these suckers have a lot of reverb power in a very small box! Somehow, using little known and even less understood dimensional trickery, Dr. Scientist managed to pack 9 really great sounding reverb effects into a box measuring just 4.4" by 2.3" by 1". This is a pretty good trick if you consider that when converted to natural reverberation space equivalent sizes the box dimensions wouldn't actually fit on planet Earth.

The reverb effects include 2 spacious halls of a bright and dark variety, 3 room settings of different size and decor, 3 metallic plates of yester-year, and a pretty neat sounding rotating speaker...all with 2 switchable decay time settings via 1 nifty toggle switch.

MIX adjusts the blend of wet and dry signals from fully wet to fully dry. The dry signal remains completely analog and only passes through a couple of very unobtrusive op-amp stages. Only the signal passing through the reverb circuit is converted to digital and back again and the 24-bit converters we use are so fancy that you're going to think there's actually a bunch of real life halls and rooms and plates and a rotating speaker crammed into the box. (Is there? Maybe! * scary music *)

The LEVEL control puts a considerable amount of boost at your fingertips. With the MIX control set all the way dry a Mini-berator can be used as a really great sounding booster pedal offering nearly +20dB of clean boost. Perfect at the end of an effects chain where some make-up gain and a touch of space might be desired... or perfect for setting up a sweet and subtle ambient reverb environment and then making sure your neighbours down the street enjoy it too.

Mini-Reverberators don't even weight a pound yet make your guitar tone sound like it's been on an all-carbohydrate diet for many, many years... fat and happy! Will the creamy and dense reverberations have an effect on your waist line? Definitely. Get some sweat pants fast.

Mini-Reverberators hunger for regulated 9VDC using the standard BOSS style 2.1mm center negative plug or a 9Volt battery. They need a solid 75mA of current, they don't run off batteries, they don't like to be daisy chained, but they do love to make you all reverby.

When you toggle a Mini-Reverberator's toggle switch, it may respond with an excited splash of reverb noise... this means it is pleased with you and can be a considered a blessing from the Gods of Reverb, watching from upon high. (They are in your house and they are watching you.) If you don't want to hear the reverb angels sing you can just turn the MIX knob down or click the pedal off for a second, they won't sweat it.

Mini-Reverberators are true bypass, true bad-ass, and have truly big-ass sounding reverb!