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DR. SCIENTIST Cosmichorus

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Dr. Scientist would like to teach the whole universe to sing... in perfect harmony. That's probably not going to happen though - he's not even allowed back in this galaxy for another 400 years. So instead, he's decided he'd like to teach your guitar to sing... in perfect harmony... with itself... from space

The sound effect chorus has a lot in common with the magical awesomeness of space. When one looks to the sky on a clear night, one sees many, many - literally, dozens - of stars, all being seen by one's eyes at the same time, but not all coming from the same place or time. These stars combine into a singular cool-looking thing... space. Now forget about all those boring stars and think about your guitar tone. Now think about many, many - ok, 1024 - instances of your guitar tone, all combining into a singular, cool-sounding thing... the magical awesomeness of... the COSMICHORUS!

In space there's a large number of amazing stars and planets and stuff like that... but that number is nowhere near as big as the number of amazing chorus sounds in a Cosmichorus! All the coolest chorus sounds in the universe - including way off the map and uncharted ones - are in this device...ready to make your guitar sing! The Cosmichorus does it all... from thick and warm and lush to thin and bright and sparkly to intense chorus sounds you aren't going to hear anywhere else on this planet... or other ones.

The Cosmichorus doesn't stop at giving you an incredible array of chorus sounds though... Dr. Scientist insists you have an incredible amount of control over the sounds too!

The GRAVITY control adjusts the depth of the chorus effect, from nearly inaudible to nearly able to upset your stomach. The switch above toggles between the light and dark side... the dark side is warm and thick while the light side is bright... and still thick also.

The DIMENSION control alters the delay time of the special bucket brigade delay chorus chip. With it all the way down the chorus effect is very airy and flanger-like. All the way up and the chorus effect is very dramatic and intense, really deep and spaced out. The switch above removes the dry signal from the mix so you only hear the delayed signal... makes for a neat vibrato sound.

The SPEED knob controls the rate of the effect and the switch above toggles between two overall rate settings, very slow to medium and medium to very fast.

Dr. Scientist knows you need a wild sounding chorus pedal. One that makes really cool and interesting chorus sounds and can go from very subtle to very extreme. And yeah... one with a neat looking LED that glows in time with the chorus effect. One just like... the COSMICHORUS

Dr. Scientist Sounds Cosmichorus Features:

  • Fully analog BBD chorus using MN3007 chips
  • Controls include MIX (fully dry to fully wet, fully wet is true pitch vibrato), LEVEL (adjusts the wet signal level, dry signal is fixed at unity), TREBLE (active eq control to cut or boost the treble content of the wet signal), CLOCK (adjusts the intensity of the effect by increasing the delay time), RATE (huge range of rate smoothly distributed on one knob turn), HOLD (adjusts the rise/fall time of the chorus signal when in Hold mode)
  • Stereo in and out (using TRS jacks) with two identical but separate Cosmichorus circuits, can also do mono in stereo out
  • Soft touch switching with true bypass using relays
  • 3 different clock range toggle-switch settings for 3 different intensities of chorus effect, further controlled with the Clock knob
  • Hold Mode toggle-switch lets you engage the chorus effect by holding down the stomp switch, fades out when you release the stomp (with the Hold knob at min the effects starts and stops instantly, at maximum the effect takes a few seconds to fully fade in when the stomp is pressed and a few seconds to fully fade out when the stomp is released)
  • Phase inversion toggle puts the wet signal either in-phase or out-of-phase with the dry signal. In mono this changes the character of the mixed sound, in stereo it changes the width of the stereo spread between the amps
  • Expression pedal input for controlling the rate
  • Rate knob is clear with LED underneath that flashes with rate of effect
  • CV input for controlling the chorus effect, can also be used with expression pedal for manually sweeping the effect