Dr. Scientist


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Dr. Scientist pedals are designed and built by husband and wife team Ryan and Tanya Clarke, who live with their dog Little Miss in Sherwood Park, Canada, a small town outside Edmonton. Ryan, a graduate of the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology's Electronics Engineering Technology program, designs the circuitry while Tanya, a graduate of NAIT's graphic sign arts program, designs the finishes.

Our pedals offer a higher level of control than can be found on any other pedal available in the known universe, while being intuitive and easy to use. They're designed to work with all types of instruments, give you power over every single audible parameter, mix wet and dry signals and use CV. All but the Reverberator are fully analog, all the stereo pedals are true stereo—two signals in, two signals out. Dr. Scientist pedals let you create sounds that are unique to you.

They're designed with the working musician in mind: top-mounted jacks save room on the pedal board, soft touch switches last a million on/off cycles without needing repair, out-of-this-world finishes mean that gear heads will envy you wherever you play. All that and we stand behind what we do: we offer a lifetime, fully-transferable, nearly-unlimited warranty.

We're one of the few pedal companies where if you send an email you'll reach the guy who designs, builds and ships the product to you. So go ahead, get in touch. We really appreciate all of our customers and we'd love to hear from you.

Dr. Scientist Bit Quest Features:
- 8 custom designed effect patches including:


High Pass and Low Pass Filters

Bit Crusher with Sample Rate Reducer

Infinite Reverb

Notch Filter

Ring Modulator

+/- 1 Octave Pitch Shifter/Harmonizer

1 Second Digital Delay

- Operates on a Clean Mode with more Control or a Dirty Mode with digital distortion control/noise gate.

- Analog controls include clean blend, volume for wet signal, tone for wet signal, plus 3 digital controls for the effects.

- Soft touch relay switching, lifetime warranty, hand-programmed & hand-built by Dr. Scientist.