Disaster Area Designs


The TNT is our advanced tap tempo foot switch with integrated favorite / toggle functionality.

The TNT is simple to use: Just tap it to send taps to your connected devices, or hold it to toggle between states. The TNT may be used to control up to three different tap tempo devices, or as a master favorite switch for up to three devices, or any combination. Each output is isolated and designed to eliminate crosstalk and prevent ground loops between your devices. No other foot switch comes close to the explosive power of the TNT.


  • Cast-aluminum enclosure with heavy duty powder coat finish
  • Soft-touch momentary footswitch rated for years of rugged use
  • Three 1/4″ output jacks
  • Standard 9V input, 20mA maximum
  • 3.6″ x 1.5″ x 1″ not including switch cap and jack nuts
  • Optical switching technology requires less power and provides longer life than relay-based switches
  • User-selectable polarity and tap / toggle settings for each output
  • User-switchable pull-up resistors located inside the pedal for expression or favorite pedal use
  • Blue LED to indicate tap and toggle status


The TNT is compatible with virtually every pedal or effects unit equipped with a remote tap tempo input jack. In favorite / toggle mode, the TNT can work as a “fixed expression” control with many devices. Please note that some devices may require the use of a TRS / stereo cable or to have the TNT’s pull-up resistors enabled for certain functions.

Alexander – Tap: History Lesson, Super Radical, Oblivion

Alexander – *Favorite: Super Radical, Oblivion

BOSS – Tap / OUTPUT C ONLYDD-5, DD-7, DD-20, RE-20 (requires connected output set to normally closed.)

Catalinbread – Semaphore

Chase Bliss – All pedals

Cusack – Tap-A-Whirl, Tap-A-Delay, Tap-A-Phase, Tap-A-Scream, more. (requires 1/4″ to RCA cable)

Disaster Area – All controllers with expression input, DMC-6D expander jack input (with TRS cable.)

Electro-HarmonixTap: Deluxe Memory Man with Tap 1100 / 550, Super Pulsar

Electro-Harmonix – Expression:HOG2, Pitch Fork, Cock Fight, more

Eventide – H9, Timefactor, Modfactor, Pitchfactor, Space

JHS – Panther, Panther Cub, Emperor, Unicorn

Line 6 – *Favorite / Expression: AM-4, DL-4, DM-4, MM-4, M5, M9, M13. Not compatible for tap tempo with Line 6.

Matthews Effects – Conductor

Strymon – Tap: Timeline, Mobius, BigSky, Flint*, Deco*, Dig*

Strymon – *Favorite:Brigadier, Deco, DIG, El Capistan, Flint, Lex

Walrus Audio – Tap: Bellwether

Walrus Audio – *Favorite:Vanguard, Descent (use expression pedal input)

*Most pedals require TRS cable and pull-up resistor enabled for favorite or expression control. Some Strymon products require TRS cable and pull-up resistor for tap tempo.

Many more pedals are supported! – please contact our support department if you have questions before purchasing. If it has a tap tempo input jack, we can probably talk to it!


Press and hold the power switch at boot to cycle through switch configurations.

The LED will light for 1 second, then blink ON to indicate the outputs set to Toggle / Favorite.

Holding the footswitch at boot will cause one more output to be set to Toggle each time.

After all three outputs are set to Toggle, the unit will switch over to “NC” / Boss mode. In this mode, the output closest to the DC power jack will be reversed polarity in order to work with Boss pedals such as the DD-5, DD-7, and DD-20. In NC mode, the LED will stay lit and blink OFF to indicate the Toggle outputs.

Once all three outputs are set to Toggle in “NC” mode, the unit will reset to normal mode with no Toggles enabled.

The TNT remembers your last setting when powered off.