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The R2R Dual Remote works with the DPC-5 (requires firmware v1.11+) to allow tap tempo and bank down functionality. The R2R is entirely passive and connects to the DPC-5 with a TRS cable.

The R2R may be ordered with both footswitches set at equal height for horizontal placement, or with the footswitches staggered for vertical placement. The footswitches may be moved by the user if desired.

Includes 17″ (430mm) right-angle TRS cable for connecting to the DPC-5 (random color choice.)

Dimensions: 3.6″ L x 1.5″ W x 1.25″ H (92mm x 38mm x 30mm) excluding switch height.

Connection and Configuration:

Connect the R2R to the DPC-5 Expression Pedal input (red jack closest to the DPC-5 DC power jack.)

Power-on the DPC-5 while holding B6 to enter configuration mode.

Release B6 to switch to expression config mode.

Tap B3 until the Green, Yellow, and Blue LEDs above B3 are all lit. This will enable the expression pedal input in Tap / R2R mode.

Press-hold B6 to save the configuration.