Diamond Pedals

DIAMOND Cornerstone

The Cornerstone is the all new “variable personality” drive pedal from Diamond Pedals. Utilizing multiple discrete gain stages with distributed dual Gain controls the Diamond Cornerstone is capable of anything from touch-sensitive low gain grit to searing leads. The Diamond Cornerstone features two discrete Gain controls for an unbelievable amount of different drive profiles. The active Mid boost/cut control allows you to dial in various shades of tonal bliss from British to American and the Treble Profile switch acts like a Bright switch on classic tube amplifiers for matching the pedal to your rig. The Diamond Cornerstone is one of the most versatile drive pedals to hit the market in quite some time and will lend itself well to any style of music from classic to modern.


  • True Bypass
  • Dual, Discrete Gain Controls
  • Active Mid Boost/Cut Control (750Hz center)
  • Bright Switch
  • Standard -9VDC Operation