DAZATRONYX Professional Drive

Here's how I like to build the classic TS overdrive. I've added a three-way switch which toggles between three modes, which helps suit a broader range of pickups and play styles.

  • SYM - Symmetrical clipping is a classic 808 overdrive, with no mods. This mode has the most amount of clipping.
  • ASYM - Asymmetrical clipping begins to ‘look’ more like a valve amplifier clipping. This can better suit input signals which already have a full bottom-end, such as bridge pickups, and allows chords to better shine through.
  • FAT - Also asymmetrical clipping, but with a fuller bottom-end output.

The gain knob has twice the gain range than you would expect from a classic TS.

This circuit was made using the following special components:

  • Nichicon film capacitors.
  • Panasonic electrolytic capacitors.
  • Dale Industrial grade precision metal film resistors (1%, 100 PPM / C).
  • 600V Teflon wiring.
  • Switchcraft audio sockets, Hammond enclosure. Usual stuff.