D*A*M Zoot Unit ZU-65 Deluxe Guitars EXCLUSIVE


The D*A*M Zoot Unit ZU-65 is a replication of the original John Hornby Skewes produced Zonk Machine. The ZU-65 is a finely tailored sonic recreation that offers no modern day alterations to the original circuit other than careful and thorough set-up and testing procedures. The ZU-65 is an incredibly primitive fuzz device that is based upon a design that is well over 50 years in age, and originally seen in use by the Maestro company in their Fuzz Tone FZ-1. The ZU-65 offers unique window to an age gone-by for the player who enjoys the ancient sonic qualities and the archaic tonal flavors of the past.


Connect your chosen instrument and amplifier to the ZU-65 using only high quality shielded audio cables. Begin your session with the “LEVEL” control set to minimum and with the “FUZZ” control set to maximum. Activate the ZU-65 with the onboard bypass selector switch and slowly increase or decrease the “LEVEL” dial as required. This control will either enable you to match your active sound to your bypassed sound or to be able to slightly boost it above unity. Using the onboard bypass selector switch you can now toggle back and forth from the active effect to your clean guitar signal. Once you have experimented with the “LEVEL” control turn your attention to the “FUZZ” control. This control is a very primitive in operation as it accentually governs the bias (voltage supply) seen by the one of the transistors within the ZU-65 circuit. The alterations made by the rotation of this dial are of a very subtle nature so some time needs to be invested to get the best results. Extreme gating and short note decay are normal with the “FUZZ” control set at minimal settings. The ZU-65 is highly susceptible to temperature and any temperature fluctuations. Cold weather is likely to decrease the gain of the circuit, extreme heat may amplify it. This noted settings made with the “FUZZ” control made in one environment to the next will not create identical results. Ideally the “FUZZ” dial is best viewed as a means to tune the circuit not to control it.

This device is supplied with a Zinc Carbon 9-volt power cell which is activated via the insertion of a 1⁄4” jack plug into the “IN” socket. To ensure a long & lengthy cell life always unplug your cable after use. The use of Zinc Carbon battery types is always recommended over Alkaline types for powering the ZU-65.