D*A*M Grease Box GB-88


The D*A*M Grease Box GB-88 is a superior quality germanium driven pre- amplifier that utilizes only the finest specially selected Mullard transistors offering the musicnaut a truly unadulterated fuzz tone experience. The finely tuned Super-alpha circuitry of the GB-88 gives the musicnaut a wonderfully versatile device capable of far ranging fuzz and distortion shades whilst offering a superbly low noise floor and excellent instrument and amplifier dynamic interaction.


Connect your chosen instrument and amplifier to the GB-88 using only high quality shielded audio cables. Begin your session with both the “DRIVE” and the “TONE” controls set at noon and the “LEVEL” control set to minimum. Activate the device with the onboard bypass selector switch and slowly increase the “LEVEL” dial. On average unity gain will be reached at a setting of approx 1-2 o’ clock. This will enable you to match your active sound to your bypassed sound. Settings beyond this will greatly boost your overall output level offering you greater headroom or a higher degree of saturation from your amplifier. Using the onboard bypass selector switch you can toggle back and forth from the active effect to your clean guitar signal. Once you have experimented with the “LEVEL” control turn your attention to the “DRIVE” control. Increasing this dial will lengthen note sustain & decay and increase the overall attack of the activated effect. Higher impendence magnetic guitar pick-ups will also intensify extreme fuzz and heavy clipping effects. You can now shape the distortion color with the use of the on-board “TONE” control. Bright high treble boosted sounds will be found at extreme left, sweeping this control towards the right will increase the lower midrange spectrum filling out the distorted signal giving a thicker and heavier fuzz tone.

This device is installed with a Zinc Carbon 9-volt power cell which is activated via the insertion of a 1⁄4” jack plug into the “IN” socket. To ensure a long & lengthy cell life always unplug your cable after use. Power can also be supplied by means of an external well-regulated 9- volt power supply fitted with a 2.1mm plug and operating with a negative centre and positive sleeve. This unit operates on a POSITIVE GROUND powering system so therefore requires its own power source or a multi-way power supply featuring isolated outputs.