Coldcraft Effects


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The Fiesta Fuzz design started life as a hybrid using modern transistor arrays, JFETs and MOSFETs for a wide tonal range with a modern edge. The MkII version comes paired with a unique set of controls that cover a huge range of tones from gritty overdrive and aggressive distortion to thick, vintage fuzz. It can also achieve semi-gated, modern tones with a hint of octave high on the guitar neck. The JFET input buffer allow the Fiesta to be stacked after any number of effects such as Wah, overdrive, boost, etc without any added noise or unwanted artifacts, all while retaining the signature “volume knob cleanup” of many vintage fuzzes.


  • 3 Stage MOSFET-voiced Fuzz
  • JFET Input Buffer
  • BJT Output Buffer
  • Volume, Fuzz & Bias Controls
  • Gain & FAT Trimmers
  • Fuzz/OD Voice Toggle
  • 2 Internally DIP switched Low Pass Filters