Champion Leccy Electronics


Sausage Fingers is based on the old BOSS OC2 schematic. We added some gain, took out the second octave, added a mids boost for the first octave and popped in a wee synth hack for some square wave fun.

Controls are:

  • bone – direct level
  • hair – gain
  • lard – one octave below
  • meat – mids boost for octave
  • gristle – synth hack (switch)
  • span – gate for synth hack

What does what?

Bone is your direct level, fully clockwise is just above parity. Lard is one octave below, it tracks better on bass than it does on guitar. Hair is the gain control for the direct level, but it also destabilises the octave. Meat is a mid boost for the octave, it really adds a lot of texture to the octave, making it sound less like a sine wave. Gristle is a switch for the synth hack, up is on, down is off. This will make your lower octave all square wavey. Span sets the gate of this lo-fi hack.