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CATALINBREAD Super Chili Piscoso

The pedal that started Catalinbread.

"Thanks Jack!"

We’ve been building the Super Chili Picoso for the past 10 years solid for good reason. Based on the famous Jack Orman MOSFET boost it is highly regarded by musicians worldwide. Needless to say, it has a running start in terms of sonic quality. It doesn’t suffer from the hashy unmusical qualities of an opamp boost or brittleness of a poorly tuned bipolar boost. We refined Orman’s circuit employing top notch components, but not just because the parts were expensive, but because they were the RIGHT parts to our ears. Thus the Super Chili Picoso is a satisfying to play musical device that enhances your playing without getting in the way of creativity. The Super Chili Picoso is a deceptively simple pedal that performs so many duties and solves so many problems that it is a must have in every self-respecting musicians’ arsenal. Let’s go through a number of these, shall we?!

Buffer. Have a lot of pedals and/or long cable runs on stage? I don’t care how “low capacitance” your cables are, they are going to roll off high frequency detail and signal strength. The Super Chili Picoso’s high input impedance (something like 10M ohms) and ultra low output impedance (around 3K ohms) doesn’t let a drop of your tone escape. Just turn the big knob counter-clockwise and go! The Super Chili Picoso is your buffer!

Overdriver. Ever want to push your slightly self-overdriven amp into a satisfying crunch at the click of a switch? Say you have a lower wattage amp (or you are lucky enough to play a big ole amp LOUDLY) on the edge of breakup and need push it even harder without messing with your amp’s overall character, the Super Chili Picoso is your overdriver!

Balancer. Do you have an old Danelectro U2 with low output pickups and a Les Paul with hot humbuckers and have a tough time achieving an equal volume level between the two while maintaining the sonic qualities of the two instruments? Set the Super Chili Picoso’s knob to make up the difference! There we are, nice and balanced!

MORE! Ever finding yourself needing a clean, uncolored volume nudge? Say you have your fuzz set just right and need to make your entire soundstage louder? The Super Chili Picoso delivers from a few decibels to upward of 35dB unadulterated clean boost! (Provided any gear that you have down stream has headroom to spare.) The Super Chili Picoso is your MORE pedal!

While the SCP can be placed anywhere on your pedalboard, where it is placed in the chain of effects will dictate what functions it will perform within the context of your rig. If you want simple buffering with little to no additional volume boost it can be placed wherever you’d like. We suggest that if you have any Germanium or Silicon-based fuzzes (Fuzz Faces, Tonebenders, etc) that you place those before the SCP so that they get a nice direct signal from your pickups and don’t lose interaction your instrument’s knobs. Buffers can really screw with your volume knob dynamics if they are between the guitar’s pickups and the fuzz in question. Keep the Gain control at minimum or set low to avoid overdriving the inputs of pedals down stream. If higher gain and saturation levels for soloing or creating thicker rhythm parts are desired, place the SCP in front of your overdrive or distortion pedal to boost it by turning up the Gain control to the desired level. Depending on the headroom of the pedal being boosted, you may also get a decent amount of volume boost as well to help you cut through the mix. Just want the whole thing to be louder? Place it last on your pedalboard to boost the output signal of any pedal or combination of effects on your board. This is handy for bumping up the output of certain modulation effects that can sometimes have a volume drop when engaged (real or perceived) to help them stand out in a band mix. Pretty simple, yeah? One of those uncomplicated little problem solvers that just plain sounds good and does its job while not screwing with the great sounds you’ve already got – that’s the Super Chili Picoso. We hope it helps you get the best sounds from your rig so you can concentrate on making music – and we thank you VERY much for your love and support.