Here at Catalinbread, we’ve been hard at work coming up with any way we can help our/your country’s most vulnerable citizens. OurBlood Donorpedal does just that: we pledge to donate 100 percent of all this pedal’s profits to theAustralian Red Cross, along with a little gentleencouragement to give your own blood to the cause.  
With that said, ourBlood Donor is a revamped and fine-tuned version of our venerable Katzenkonig with a slew of changes that truly unlocksthe circuit’s potential. We’ve added a carefully selected transistor set that pushes the boundaries of saturation and gain to their electricallimits, giving the old cat a little more fur and bite. The noise floor has been trimmed while widening the utility of all controls, giving anincreased range of input sensitivity that mimics the volume knob on your guitar. Get into it! And give blood!