Caroline Guitar Company


Haymaker™ is our take on an ultimate overdrive circuit. It is capable of a much broader range of tones than most expect out of a drive; from glassy barely-on light grit to full-on distorted textures, Haymaker can do it all. Just like you, it's not a reissue or a clone - it can do classic tones, but go further. Get yours. Caroline Guitar Company Haymaker Overdrive Features: Mode A is set for classic soft clipped overdrive, but with extra bsas and gain available on tap. Mode B is less compressed with more volume, and capable of clear, powerful output for slamming an amp. Mode C is hard clipped drive, capable of going into distorted and fuzzy textures at higher gain settings. PUNCH controls the amount of gain and drive in the circuit. More punch=more crunch. Based on a circuit tweak shared by Philip Ruetz of Ruetz Amplifiers, SHAPE refines the frequency response and amount of grit. Think of it as controlling how much "hair" is in the drive. (this is also where you shoot free throws) STACKS is a low-pass filter that controls the amount of high end treble content in the distorted output. The SPEAKER is the overall effected volume. Consider yourself warned- this pedal has a LOT of volume on tap (especially in mode B) WARNING use a 9V battery or a 9-18vDC industry standard pedal power supply. Do not attempt to use AC power with HAYMAKER. Warranty does not cover mods, abuse or misuse of the product. Thanks!

Available in Green or Slate.