Blackout Effectors


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The logical progression from then to now, the MUSKET V2 is based on one of the best selling fuzz circuits of all time – taken three giant muffy steps further. With tasteful adjustment of the PRE, FUZZ, FOCUS, MIDS, TONE & VOLUME controls, the MUSKET traverses the decades, the continents and the many iterations of the classic 4-stage fuzz circuit and beyond.

True, the Musket Fuzz is akin to the vintage muffy fuzz that we all know and love but that’s where the similarity ends. This 4 stage fuzz pedal gives you complete control over the tone, quality, and clarity of your fuzz. The Pre control basically adds a clean boost on top of the fuzz circuit for all kinds of new weirdness while the Fuzz control interacts with it to not only control amount of fuzz but also sustain and compression. Here’s where it gets fun, the Mids knob lets you control the tonal flavor of the Musket from severly scooped up to completely flat and everything in between. The ability to adjust the mids brings a whole new world to the fuzz pedal and will make sure that you are never buried in the mix again. There is also a Tone control for adjusting your, well, tone! Last but not least, Blackout Effectors has seen fit to add another sweet control to the Musket, a Focus knob. This is the control that makes the Musket Fuzz pedal what it is. The Focus knob is a pre-fuzz low end control that allows the Musket to not only produce vintage fuzz but to also get a more modern twist and compete with distortion pedals for a spot on a metal player’s pedal board.