Big Foot Engineering


Our guitar overdrive pedal is inspired by the sounds of Malcolm and Angus Young (AC/DC).

Our unique ‘Big Amp/Little Amp’ switch toggles between 2 classic British amplifier sounds; a stack with a 4x12” speaker cabinet, and an open-back 2x12” combo. The Big Amp mode delivers a big low end with a naturally compressed distortion, and the Little Amp setting has a lighter bass response with an airy upper midrange and superb note definition.

“Clean boost is the first port of call with the Thunder Pup, but turning up the gain treats you to ever increasing levels of very nicely voiced amp-like distortion. A natural Brit raunch that can go from mild break-up to full amp distortion with plenty  of sustain. The two voices here provide versatility in a pedal that also offers crisp note definition and responds dynamically to your playing. Two Brit voices with superlative sound in one box.” Guitarist magazine