BearFoot FX

BEARFOOT Baby Pink Booster

The Baby Pink Booster gives you 15 dbs of clean, guitar-friendly boost and a tasty buffer. This is your “more” button. It really sounds like you’re turning your amp up. The difference is that in addition to raising the level, it also adds harmonic “pre-distortion” content that improves the dynamics and clarity of your signal. And you get subtle EQ shaping just like your amp offers as it gets louder so your tone and even your other effects will benefit from the BPB in line. And, of course, the BJFe buffer also repairs your clean tone from cable impedance imbalances.

This is the tastiest buffer/booster combo and really…everyone should have one. It’s the perfect “more” button and the buffer is just right to restore your pedal chains’ treble to full awesome.

Deluxify your drives! If you've seen the very expensive BJFe Honey Bee, Baby Blue and Emerald Green “Deluxes,” this is what's in there besides the drive circuit. The BPB is the buffer and the boost for those, so put the BPB at the end of your dirt section and “Deluxe” them all.

8V-18V for more headroom and clarity if needed.