Basic Audio


A refined "Rat" circuit with control over the low end and high end. Typically the Rat gets a bit boomy in the higher gain settings. The Low end can be adjusted in the Shore Bird to suit your amp/guitar and gain settings. The Gain and Tone knobs have been tweaked for a smooth range of gain and tone. Some quotes from an owner: "The Shore Bird sounds bigger and a bit more agressive, like a RAT. I don't know exactly how to explain it, but the mids cut more like a RAT. When you roll off the guitar volume, with the SB you can get that nasally, upped mid bark that a RAT does. The Shore Bird keeps all the good things that are already there in a RAT- cut, sustain, distortion, and just, for me, fixes the few things I always end up wanting. It can get warmer and fatter, or match the stock sounds exactly."