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This AMpT goes to 1100 milliseconds!

ADG-1 Special Edition: 100% Analog Delay from 16ms to 1.0555s of delay time with a bonus delay insert loop

ADG-1 SE is currently out of stock. Check with our dealers while supplies last. We are expecting to build another batch in Fall 2023.

Features our “Guitarry Night” (Chameleon Teal) color-shifting sparkly high gloss finish and genuine solid aluminumGØRVA knobs.

The ADG-1 is a special edition of our ADG-1 analog delay. We began with a standard ADG-1 and included the following hand-made modifications and additions:

  • A 3rd high-voltage Xvive™ analog delay bucket has been added, allowing switching between delay times of 16ms-350ms or 50ms-1.055sec (extendable up to 1.35sec with control voltages or expression pedal)

  • The addition of a TRS insert on the delay loop allowing the patching of effects such as EQ or octave pedals into your delayed signal to successively affect the repeats without changing the dry tone

  • Premium “Guitarry Night” metallic shimmer sparkle finish with a high-durability gloss coating

  • Genuine solid aluminum GØRVA Obelisk knobs

  • Additional side print of our original BBD Bucket firemen.

The SE goes beyond:

Increased Delay Time

Perhaps the most sought after request in the ADG-1 is added delay time. For the ADG-1 SE we added an additional delay bucket for over 1.1 seconds of total delay time with modulation. In addition to the extended delay time, the extra bucket improves delay bandwidth at longer times compared to the standard ADG-1.

As the clock time increases in an analog delay, high frequencies are naturally rolled off. On the standard ADG-1 this starts to be prominent at around 500ms and longer. In the ADG-1 SE rolloff begins to occur around 700ms. Therefore, the ADG-1 SE will have noticeably brighter repeats in the 500-700ms range than the standard ADG-1.

Delay Loop Insert

By tapping into the signal path between the delay line and the tone control, we offer a way to further alter your delay tone without affecting the dry tone. Many ideas are possible here. You can incorporate simple changes like expanded filtering or phased/flanged repeats, or you can go wild with fuzz and runaway pitch bending effects. Octave pedals are especially fun: each repeat goes increasingly up or down in octave as they are processed through the delay line again and again. Adding drive or fuzz will lead to extra intense self-oscillation effects.

Unlike many insert loops, this insert will affect the first repeat and all subsequent ones, exactly as in some of Hawker’s other famous delays. Some delay insert loops skip the first repeat.

Premium Fit & Finish

A superior product deserves a superior design. The ADG-1 SE has a premium look befitting its expanded features.

Hawker and the team deliberated over dozens of paint samples and chose an amazing color-shifting chameleon powder coat. This color shifts between blue, teal, purple, and more as the light hits it from various directions. It features a durable hard overcoat that is simply stunning to look at. And finally, we added premium solid aluminum GØRVA knobs. These eye-popping enhancements will make your ADG-1 SE the visual as well as the sonic centerpiece of your pedalboard.