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Analog Man

ANALOG MAN Sun Face Fuzz BC183 Silicon Transistor, Green LED, On/Off Toggle, Sun Dial Knob, Power Jack

The Analog Man Sun Face custom built fuzz pedal. This is higher quality than almost any other fuzzface clone you will find, with shielding, plated through-holes, etc to meet military specs. Available with several transistor choices and many, many options, another amazing Analog Man pedal!

This Sunface comes in the bigger gold box (as pictured) and has Top Jacks. It also has a power jack, LED, and on/off toggle which disconnects the battery when not in use.

This Sunface has a BC183 Silicon Transister.

We now put the SUN DIAL on the Sunface to make a 3 knob small gold pedal. The middle knob is on the center of the Sun Face Graphics. It is the exact same function and circuit as the internal BIAS trim pot on the 2 knob model. It is used for keeping the fuzz happy at different temperatures, and with different or worn batteries. We call it the SUN DIAL and the knob is painted to match the pedal. We factory set the SUNDIAL so the face is vertical at our shop temperature (70 degrees or so depending on if it's Winter or Summer!). You can set it by ear, just turn it up until the buzziness goes away as much as you like. Jim Weider has an NKT Sunface with the SUN DIAL and likes to run the sundial higher than our normal setting, he turns it almost all the way up for less fuzz and a purer tone. You can turn it down all the way for a buzzy sound like "spirit in the sky", where the fuzz fizzes out.