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Analog Man

ANALOG MAN Mini Bi-Comp w/ RYCK Toggle Option

RYCK toggle option

The Dynacomp and Ross circuit is not very bright, to keep white noise down. But sometimes it's nice to have a bright trebly tone, as heard on Rickenbacker guitar's built-in compressor. Looking at the Rickenbacher schematic, it's about the same as the Dyna/Ross except it allows more treble for that jingle-jangle sound. We decided to offer this with a three-way switch so you can get just the amount of treble you want. One position is the normal Dynacomp/Ross value for about the same tone as OFF, and low noise. The second position adds a bit more treble and just a touch of noise - this may be great to use all the time with a dark guitar like a Les Paul with high output pickups. The third position is twice as bright, close to the Rickenbacker setting, for a sound that really pops, with a bit of noise that you probably won't notice. We can put this toggle on any of our new CompROSSor or Dynacomp pedals when ordered, or we can add it later on which costs a bit more as it's more work to add it after the pedal is built.

The new Analog Man Mini Bi-Comp Pedal has exactly the same features as the pre-2003 BICOMP, the Bi-Comp just takes less real estate on your pedalboard. Same size as juicer or small comp (2.5" x 4.75" x 1.5" not including jacks, switch, etc). The only difference between the mini bi-comp and the new 4 knob bi-comp, is that the ATTACK control is on the inside. Works on battery or 9V DC adapter. Analog Man makes the cases in-house for a cost savings. They are not all perfectly machine-drilled and silk-screen labeled like the BICOMP, but have a hand-made appearance. The switches are a little closer together, making it easy to switch from one compressor to the other by pressing both switches at the same time. Use the side of your foot to easily switch just one side.