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Wrap your tone in the resplendent robes of royalty and claim the throne for your own with the Princess Clang. Crank it up, sing the song of your kingdom and let her name ring out. Finally, you can find your Princess here and not in another castle!

Princess Clang 2015 production is limited to only thirty pieces worldwide. Alexander Pedals will donate a portion of the proceeds from each Princess Clang to The Pink Fund, providing short-term aid to breast cancer patients.

Only one pedal is available per day during the month of October. If the pedal is showing out of stock below, please check back tomorrow for your chance to purchase the Princess Clang.

The Princess Clang Royal Overdrive is a tweaked version of a pedal we built back in 2002. The original was a British-voiced overdrive with a single tone control and a "Brilliance" switch. We've added a two-band tone stack and a unique active midrange Contour control to help you sculpt your drive tone, and we've increased both the gain and output level of the pedal. The result is a versatile drive that covers overdrive, distortion, and clean boost territory while retaining its own unique character.


Level: Controls the output level of the pedal.

Drive: Adjusts the gain and distortion of the pedal.

Bass / Treble: Passive two-band tone stack, voiced like a British amplifier.

Contour: Active midrange filter, adds mids counterclockwise and scoops mids clockwise.

Bypass Switching:

Princess Clang features true bypass switching using a latching relay and a soft-touch bypass footswitch. Princess Clang will power on in either bypass mode or effect mode (useful if you are using the pedal with a remote bypass switching system.) Hold the footswitch at boot to toggle between bypass and effect startup modes. The pedal remembers your settings when the power is removed.

Power Supply:

Princess Clang requires a DC power supply with a 2.1mm pin, center negative. Princess Clang will operate on power supply voltages up to 18V and does not use a battery. Princess Clang should work fine on a multi-pedal "daisy chain" connector, but if you encounter excessive noise or hum try a separate power supply. Princess Clang requires approx. 20mA.