65 Amps

65 AMPS Producer EL84 Head

The Producer EL or 6L solves the age-old conundrum of how to make modern tubes deliver classic tube warmth consistently and reliably. We've discovered that copying old circuits is more and more dangerous due to the fact that old circuits were designed around tubes that could take the voltage, and modern tubes just can't. So we've come up with our own, unique solution. In fact, we don't just make modern tubes sound as good as old tubes. We make them sound even better.

The Producer runs EL34s, EL84's or 6L6s in an extremely safe and unconventional way that no off-the-shelf guitar amp transformer can do. So with help from Mercury Magnetics, we've come up with a new transformer that that not only makes our EL34s, EL84's and 6L6's outstandingly reliable, but also produces a really great tone. In fact, our circuit is so loving to power tubes, we've estimated that you won't have to change your tubes for years to come! No more re-tubing every year and paying for biasing and tune-ups!

Much to even our surprise, the Producer also achieves an amazing clean sound. EL34s are not known for their clean sounds and 6L6s don't do distortion, but with this new setup, they both sound fantastic.

In addition, EL34 and 6L6 amps are usually too loud for most players who are then forced to use attenuators or master volumes to compensate. The Producer delivers 28 Watts and incorporates 65amps' proprietary Master Voltage circuit that allows players to get the classic EL34 distortion or "that" big 6L6 clean and fantastic cleans at human volumes.

The Producer EL or 6L has 2 channels, each with an independent 65amps Bump control, totaling to four voices that are all accessible through a standard 2-button foot-switch. All this plus our legendary build quality equal an amp that really delivers.


  • Output: 28 Watts
  • Tubes: Power – 2 EL34s or 2 x 6L6s or 4 EL84 Preamp - 3x12AX7
  • Front panel controls: ON/OFF, Standby, Master Voltage, Tone, Volume 2, Channel Switch, Bass, Treble, Volume 1, Input, Bump Switch (one for each channel).
  • Extras: Footswitch input jack, dual speaker outs, switch for 8O & 16O impedance
  • Cabinet: Finger-jointed Baltic birch
  • Dimensions: 25" L x 9" D x 11" H 
  • Weight in box: 41 lbs.
  • Accessories: Footswitch included