Total routing system~Signal Junction Box with (SEND/RETURN)

In addition to the IN / OUT jack, the SEND / RETURN jack will help to build your pedalboard system as signal junction box. a) It can also use as a splitter by turning on the VITALIZER and outputting the signal in parallel using SEND and OUT, it will work as active splitter.

b) A friendly layout of each Jacks to build your pedalboard system with saving your limited space.


Today, VITALIZER is one of the necessaries of building pedalboard system, It will keep the original sound as much as possible to low impedance the signal.

This will avoid signal deterioration via many signal contacts such as jacks, plugs, switches and long cables.

Also The VITALIZER is switchable to select True-Bypass mode at your needs.

MUTE function at the end of the system

This eliminates the concern of sound quality change and noise mixing. When you use the SEND/RETURN to build your pedalboard system, you can tune the pure signal just after your instrument and it will mute the signal at the end of your effect chain. This will help to shut the noise or unnecessary sound reflection caused through the pedalboard system.

Equipped KORG high precision tuner

KORG Pitchblack Advance which has super high precision and excellent visibility is installed.

Stomping the foot switch and tune the instrument in silence state. Since the signal line to the tuner and the signal line to OUT (or SEND) are completely isolated by switching the signal relay, there is no impedance influence on signal line.

DC9V~18V Compatible Voltage input

Musical instrument power supply in the market can be widely used (Center negative, DC9V to 18V) Since the voltage of the power supply connected to DC IN will output at DC OUT. This will help to supply power to other pedal on your rig. In addition, the DC OUT circuit has an overcurrent protection. This will protect the external power source from shorted DC cables or any issues from external devices.

9V battery (006P) Operation

This unit will also work with 006P battery. Tuner calibration and mode setting are memorable using the battery.

  • TUNER (KORG Pitchblack Advance)
  • Scale: 12-note equal temperament
  • Detection range: E0 (20.60 Hz)–C8 (4186 Hz)
  • Calibration range: A4 = 436–445 Hz (1 Hz steps)
  • Detection accuracy: +/-0.1 cent
  • Input impedance: 1 MΩ
  • Output impedance: 100 Ω or less
  • Controls
  • Tuner: CALIB (tact switch), DISPLAY (tact switch)
  • Signal: VITALIZER ⇔ THRU (slide switch), TUNER ON / OFF (foot switch)
  • Power:9V battery (1 piece), DC 9 ~ 18V, AC adapter (Not included)
  • Power consumption
  • Maximum 27 mA (when using AC adapter)
  • Maximum 12 mA (when using 9 V battery)
  • Battery life
  • Tuner on, continuous 30 hours
  • (Using 9 V manganese battery, A4 continuous input, display mode: regular)
  • Tuner on, continuous 60 hours
  • (Using 9 V alkaline battery, A4 continuous input, display mode: regular)
  • Size:115 (D) x 76 (W) x 50 (H) mm
  • Weight:Approximately 220g (without batter)