Anarchy Audio


The Flutterby is an optical tremolo with a vintage inspired preamp circuitry. A parallel effect path allows blending in the effect depth, or utilising as a preamplifier or booster with a fat and warm tube-like character. Additional EXP input allows use of an external EXP/Volume controller to control and vary the rate of effect.


  • LEVEL - Output level
  • MIX – Dry/Wet effect mix
  • RATE – Speed of tremolo*
  • SHAPE (3 way toggle)
  • LEFT – square (choppy waveform)
  • MIDDLE – triangle (smooth waveform)
  • RIGHT – asymmetrical (smooth wave form up /square waveform down)
  • *EXP controller (not included)

A minimum pot value of 50K (Linear) is recommended for use of volume pedal(requires TS to TRS plug) or Expression pedal (TRS plug) when utilising the side jack for expression control of the Rate.


  • Enclosure: 122 x 66 x 39.5mm
  • Power: 9V DC power supply via 2.1mm centre negative jack
  • Current draw: ~10mA
  • True Bypass
  • No battery option