LOLLAR PICKUPS String-Through Steel

This is an exact reproduction of the Supro®/Oahu/Valco "string through" pickup as used on the Fender Coodercaster. This is a humbucking pickup that sounds like a single-coil, the tone is clear and clean despite its unusually high output. This is partly achieved by the steel plate over the strings that spreads the magnetic field to surround the strings. This increases the pickup's sensitivity and reduces magnetic pull on the strings giving you increased sustain. Plus, it's chrome plated so it looks as good as it sounds.

Chrome plated with Alnico 5 magnets and dual split-coil humbucking construction with adjustable poles. You can mount this pickup on many guitars, but unlike the original, our pickup is not built as part of the bridge and tailpiece. Installation requires a small rout (1/8" deep) or can be surface mounted on top of a pickguard. We also have shims available for guitars with tall bridges.

Please note that a string height of less than 7/16" off the guitar body requires in-setting the pickup into the guitar. String height greater than 7/16" requires shimming. The foot print is 2 x 3 5/8", and pole spacing is 2.175" center-to-center of the two outside poles. Accommodation for narrower spacing is achieved by angling the pickup.