Land Devices


We thought it'd be fun to throw on the No Masters graphic, as it is now discontinued. We swapped out the clipping section on this one. Different look, different diodes. The difference is most noticeable on lower notes. For comparison, the standard HP-2 is a touch more smooth and dark.

HP-2 is a distortion device, based on the harmonic percolator. A genuinely unusual design that is instantly recognizable. Known as a sonic doomsday device, but can easily be dialed down to add just a touch of harmonic richness. Harmonics (H) controls the input level and Balance (B) controls the output level. Rocker switches in and out the clipping section. Switch left for 1970s. Switch right for absolute destruction.

Note: Either control will cut the signal when fully CCW.

- 117mm x 95mm x 52mm
- 1/4" mono jacks
- 2.1mm DC Connector
- 9VDC center negative power
- Current draw: 33mA