Nash Guitars

NASH GUITARS S 57(59) 2 Tone Sunburst (#NG-4878)

With its instantaneously recognizable body shape, extremely stable tremolo, and three single coil pickups, our S Model guitars are not only classic but versatile as well. While paying homage to the near perfect original design, we incorporated a few changes to update both playability and sound. We have added a higher output bridge pickup and a much needed tone control. Together, these modifications provide enhanced flexibility and overall balance.
  • serial: #NG-4878
  • body: Alder
  • neck: C-Shape Maple w/Rosewood Board
  • pickups: Lollar Special (B), Blonde (N & M)
  • aging: Light
  • pickguard: Gold
  • colour: 2 Tone Sunburst
  • Comes with SKB-66 Hardcase