D*A*M Maggot Brain BM-71 (BC183L)

The MB-71 represents years worth of condensed research yielding in a finely tailored fuzz device that delivers both vintage sonic qualities with modern day ruggedness and reliability. Based upon that classic circular fuzz pedal produced by Dallas-Arbiter in the late 60's the Maggot Brain is finely tuned incarnation that uses no modern day additional circuitry therefore offering the true experience of playing through a prime piece of vintage equipment. At the core of the MB-71 are two precisely auditioned BC183L silicon devices offering both high gain levels with well rounded distortion characteristics and dynamic interaction with tonal flexibility. The tuning and biasing of the MB-71 take into account the component drift and subtle variations found in vintage examples making the tonal output animated and potent in their delivery.
Construction is a no bells and whistles approach utilizing only high quality passive and mechanical components presented in a compact and resilient format. The small footprint format and the use of internal shielded wiring also offer a more stable and less erratic device with lower back noise levels than that is provided by vintage equipment. The MB-71 will deliver decades of loyal service both on the road or in professional studio situations whilst conveying an accurate and authentic indulgence in British fuzz tone.