Glou Glou

GLOU GLOU Moutarde

Glou-Glou's Moutarde is another exceptional multi-effect module, this time offering a bank of lowpass filters, a gated fuzz, and a four-voice PLL circuit for creating synth sounds, fuzzy harmonies, thick pitch shift effects, and more. As always, Glou-Glou delivers a pedal with a sound and workflow all its own.

Moutarde's four resonant lowpass filters can be modulated via the internal LFO or envelope follower, making for a dynamic means of timbral modulation. Additionally, the LFO's rate can also be modulated via the envelope follower for modulations that speed up and slow down with the player's dynamics (or an external expression pedal).

The Fuzz section, a PNP transistor fuzz, is in line just before the filters—giving them plenty of harmonics to bite into. The PLL, though, is where much of the magic happens: a set of audio-controlled oscillators that track the incoming signal. When playing chords, these sounds will immediately devolve into glitchy sonic chaos—but when playing monophonic lines, they can cleanly track the incoming signal for stellar synth-like effects. The Transpose and Voicing parameters employ several pre-set harmonizing options: allowing the creation of everything from octaves and fifths to complex harmonies. And of course, by dialing in the Follow and Sensitivity controls, users can vary the "success" of the pitch tracking—making for clean synth sounds, occasional sluggish glitches, and complete sonic chaos.

Moutarde offers tons of options for signal routing and combination, making it possible to do gentle layering with the dry sound, all-out fuzz, and much more. As always with Glou-Glou, the Moutarde does everything from subtle to extreme, making for a synth effect of exceptional class and quality.


  • Quad lowpass filter, gated fuzz, and four-voice PLL circuit all rolled into one
  • Filter bank offers independent control of cutoff, resonance (peak), and modulation depth
  • Filters can be fed from dry signal, fuzz, or PLL
  • PLL comprised of four audio-controlled square wave oscillators
  • Voicings and Transpose switches allow creation of octaves, fifths, and complex harmonies from the PLL oscillators
  • Internal envelope follower and LFO for sonic animation
  • LFO speed controllable via envelope follower or external expression pedal