Analog Man

ANALOG MAN Block Logo Envelope Filter

In 2017 we finally finished our high-quality circuit board to make more of these, with a better layout and cleaner build than before.

We previously made 100 using real New Old Stock (NOS) MXR circuit boards for original sounds, but we added the third knob and toggle switch so you could get more tones. The UP/DOWN toggle allows those Mutron type reverse Wah sounds. The EMPHasis knob allows more or less extreme tones. The new board is the same circuit but should be a higher quality built pedal.

Also we added LED, True bypass, and 9vDC power jack of course.

Very easy to use, unlike many envelope filters which are difficult to set for easy triggering. All knobs at noon usually sound pretty good, then adjust to taste by ear.

SIZE : 2 5/16" x 4 5/16", original MXR size 1290 / 1590B enclosure.

Uses normal 9Vdc power or battery, very little power, well under 10mA.

Get your funk on!!

This pedal is not as "synth filtery" sounding as the Mu-Tron, maybe more like an auto wah.