Benson Amps

BENSON AMPS 19" Studio Tall Bird Reverb

Tube Driven Spring Reverb

In mid 2016 Chris had three records to mix and an intense hatred for reverb plugins. Thinking a plate reverb could work, he began to source materials and welding equipment. Totally normal behavior, right?

One night, in desperation, he connected his personal Tall Bird to his console and ran the RCA cables to a longer three spring tank and realized while the stock tank sounds great for guitar, this specific long tank coupled with the drive circuitry from the Tall Bird was actually suitable for practically everything else, and imparted a smooth, rich haunting reverb to the source.

The plate project was abandoned, the records got mixed, and the reverb got tweaked into perfection. Many refinements, including EQ, were added. We are very happy with the results!


  • Two TRS 1/4" inputs, two TRS 1/4" outputs
  • Broad and musical Bass and Treble eq tailored to the sound/common use of the reverb
  • Wet only for use with studio consoles/audio interfaces.
  • Transformer balanced, tube driven
  • Two completely separate reverb channels for use as stereo, mono, mid-side etc
  • DC filaments for low noise operation