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Flickinger Tone Boxes
Vicious Cricket

Flickinger Vicious Cricket $175.00

Category: Tremolo

The Flickinger Vicious Cricket is a unique tremolo effect built on a 4-transistor design and inspired by vintage, choppy tremolo sounds. The tone is choppy and pulsating creating a multitude of usable tremolo effects. On the unique side, the Flickinger Vicious Cricket offers a lower depth setting, via a toggle switch. Not that unique in itself but the effect it produces it. In this setting the tremolo effect squashes dynamically under pick attack allowing for a more rhythmic feel without needing to match the effect speed. Also at this setting when run after a fuzz or overdrive, the Flickinger Vicious Cricket produces tremolo that is only apparent on the decay of the notes for a stellar effect that adds character without interfering with your playing. The Flickinger Vicious Cricket is a hand-built and hand-painted, easy to use, and incredibly dynamic tremolo effect that will stay on your board for a long time to come.

Flickinger Vicious Cricket Features:

  • True-bypass switching with heavy-duty 3PDT push button switch and LED
  • Hand-wired construction
  • Hand-painted durable aluminum enclosure
  • Metal film resistors for low noise operation
  • Quality Switchcraft 1/4" jacks
  • 9v DC adapter jack with reverse polarity protection
  • No Op-Amp chips, all NPN transitors for more musical gain.

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