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Flickinger Tone Boxes

Flickinger Chimera $240.00

Category: Fuzz, Overdrive

The Flickinger Chimera is a clean boost/overdrive/fuzz pedal that utilizes discrete BJT and MOSFET transistors for an extremely musical gain. With two channels, Clean and Mean, the Flickinger Chimera can provide a wide range of boost and gain tones with very little tweaking. The Clean knob controls the overall output of the pedal and there is plenty of it! The Tone control is a standard passive low-pass tone control similar to that on your guitar. The Mean knob controls the volume of Mean mode. Mean mode is not necessarily mean, depending on the settings. Low Mean settings add some sparkle and clarity with a slight edge while higher settings provide a dynamic fuzzy boost that responds well to the guitar’s volume control and pick attack. The Flickinger Chimera is a versatile pedal that yields a wide-range of tone with very little effort and is the perfect tool for the on-the-go guitarist.

Flickinger Chimera Features:

  • True Bypass
  • Clean Channel
  • Mean Channel
  • Standard -9VDC or Battery Operation

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